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Location: Guam
Duration: 2 hours plus transportation time
Big Sunset
Dinner Cruise
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Big Sunset

Gorgeous sunsets on a beautiful ocean. All you can eat buffet, unlimited beer, wine and juice, stargazing and fun for all ages. Maybe even see dolphins!

Top five reasons to book this tour

  1. Gorgeous and romantic sunset on the Guam’s beautiful calm ocean.
  2. Delicious all-You-Can-Eat BBQ Buffet and complimentary unlimited beer, wine and juice.
  3. Spacious and stable bi-level 60-foot catamaran. Guam’s Only Dinner Cruise.
  4. Enjoy fun fishing. Star gazing in the beautiful tropical night. Maybe even see dolphins.
  5. Party all night long. Perfect for adults and families of all ages.
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Enjoy the best night of your Guam trip aboard the BIG Sunset Dinner Cruise, Guam’s only optional tour that presents an ocean-cruising dinner cruise. Experience Guam’s beautiful clear waters, dolphins and more. This stable, multi-level 53-foot BIG Sunset Dinner Cruise catamaran offers Guam ocean cruising at its best. The safe 60-passenger dinner cruise has upper and lower decks and a delicious all you can eat BBQ buffet plus all you can drink beer and wine. A fun and relaxing party atmosphere for adults and children of all ages to enjoy. Picture a night of a thousand stars! Feel the wind rush through your hair aboard a romantic dinner cruise. Some people love watching dolphins that frequently play in the wake. Children seem to love fishing. Adults seem to enjoy the peaceful cool ocean breezes as they sip unlimited beer and wine beneath Guam’s beautiful skies and experience Guam’s gorgeous and colorful sunsets directly on the ocean. Star gazing is another favorite past-time aboard this top rated and highly recommended optional tour. But the most highly rated and most recommended part of the BIG Sunset Dinner Cruise is actually the staff. The crew of Guam’s best and only sunset dinner cruise are one of the reasons that the BIG Sunset Dinner Cruise has one of the highest repeat rates of any optional tour on Guam. As our customer reviews say and as our guests recommend “The staff on the dinner are THE BEST!!” The very best family trip suggestion on Guam. Transportation is included. Click here to see the regular and VIP packages that are available on this wonderful dinner cruise around Guam’s beautiful and calm ocean waters. Or read our customer reviews and recommendations below.

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Default Avatar75
October 17, 2015

I had so much fun. Rhoy and Dylan and rest of staff were great.

Default Avatar75
October 17, 2015

We could not see sunset.

Robert Lancy
July 10, 2017

Great tour great Crew made for a great time.

Default Avatar75
October 17, 2015

Very nice to meet wonderful people! Great job!