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Location: Guam
Duration: 90 minutes
Ride the Ducks
Land & sea Sightseeing
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Ride the Ducks

It's a bus, it's a's BOTH! World's most popular family sightseeing tour. Experience a unique amphibious tour of Guam on land and sea. Adults and kids can drive the boat!

Top five reasons to book this tour

  1. Exciting, unique Land and Sea Sightseeing Adventure. Drives like a bus and then drives right into the ocean and floats!
  2. Extremely Safe! Brand new vessel built under control of the United States Coast Guard but made in the U.S. to look like a World War II landing craft! It feels like a Walt Disney ride.
  3. Interesting tour departs center of Tumon and passes historic Hagatna, new museum, cathedral, Asan WWII park, governor’s offices, boat basin and the ocean port.
  4. Fun, Interesting and Educational. Multi-language audio system in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian.
  5. A wacky, zany, crazy ride that’s inexpensive and fun for the entire family. Kids get to drive the boat!
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Ride the Ducks is Guam’s newest and most fun sightseeing adventure on land or sea! Forget your boring old tour van or tour bus, Ride the Ducks Guam is the most family fun you’ll ever have. This is already the most highly recommended sightseeing optional tour on land or sea. The “ducks” from Ride the Ducks Guam are open air amphibious sightseeing vehicles are built using modern technology and safety equipment, supervised and recommended by the United States Coast Guard. Hop aboard the crazy, zany Ride the Duck sightseeing tour for the best optional tour your family has ever had! Roll down rain screens make this optional tour recommended and suitable for any kind of weather. These incredible sightseeing vehicles are amphibious: they drive around Guam’s historic sights on land and then they splash down into the beautiful Guam ocean and keep right on going! It feels like a Walt Disney ride. Talk about family fun! Multi-language audio guides ensure that you and your family will have a fun and educational time learning about Guam’s culture and history while enjoying the best optional tour and sightseeing ride of your life. Half bus and half boat, it’s the most incredible sightseeing optional tour you’ve ever experienced. While at sea, you can hear about the beauty of Guam’s ocean; and children may even have a chance to drive the boat! Ride the Ducks Guam is a great fun time for the entire family. Click here to see the departure times and packages that are available on this once in a lifetime amphibious sightseeing adventure aboard Ride the Ducks Guam! Or read our customer reviews and recommendations below.

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October 17, 2015

Love the Ducks!!!

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October 17, 2015

Audio guide was good. We could understand some stories.

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October 17, 2015

It rained very hard during the tour but we enjoyed

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October 17, 2015

Japanese audio guide was good. Tour length is good.